Nymphs earrings

Nymphs earrings

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Nymph earrings engraved on a sardonic shell by the master engravers of Torre del Greco
Size 80 mm approx

The lucky water lilies on earrings
Did you know that the nymph goddesses Nymphs, daughters of Ocean with a big heart,
that you have houses under the recesses of the earth resting on water,
run hidden, feed Bacchus, chthonic, give great joy,
nourish fruits, you are in the meadows, you run sinuously, holy,
you rejoice in the caves, you rejoice in the caves, wandering in the air,
you are in the springs, swift, clothed with dew, with a light footprint,
visible, invisible, full of flowers, you are in the valleys,

Material Sardonic shell - 925% silver