Match a Coral Jewel

coral jewels have always been a must for the fresh and sunny looks of the summer season.
But it is not right to relegate them only to this role: if wisely combined and dosed they can also be worn with the most diverse winter outfits.
Just have a little attention to style and good taste and the coral jewel becomes perfect for every season .

Let's see what are the best looks to wear a coral jewel, in all circumstances and in every season.

How to choose the right coral jewel

Let's start from a basic rule that is good for every jewel: elegance = balance. What does it mean? It means that all the jewels we wear must be in harmony with each other and with the clothes.
So, in principle, we combine jewels with simple and essential lines with patterned dresses or in bright colors and on the contrary, we combine colored stones and important jewels with more sober clothes.
The combination of jewels is also important. One of the basic rules, in fact, provides that if the necklace you have decided to wear is large and showy, it is better to combine small earrings or simple light points; if, on the other hand, we want to focus attention on earrings, wearing important ones in both shapes and colors, then it is better to prefer delicate and thin chokers, or not to wear any necklace. Similar rules apply to rings and bracelets.
Let's see how we can best enhance our coral jewels and how they can enhance us.

Coral necklaces

• Day look with the shirt: a coral crewneck is perfect to enrich the discreet and sober neckline of a blouse with the first button open. It is an ideal outfit for every day, sober and elegant at the same time.

• Daytime look with turtlenecks: precisely because coral can also be worn in winter, try it on dolce vita. The ideal are long necklaces, perhaps even with several strands.

• V-neck dresses: with this type of neckline, discreet but deep, the coral jewel with simple lines and a small pendant that follows and complies with the depth of the neckline is ideal.

• Dresses with prominent necklines: summer or be it winter, when the neckline is very wide it can be enriched with richer coral necklaces, with more threads or with pendants.

• Evening dresses: coral can also be worn with the most elegant evening dresses. Beautiful in jewelry where it is combined with other precious stones.

Match the coral earrings

We have seen that earrings should be well dosed according to the necklace you decide to wear.
Small earrings, with buttons or short, are perfect for any occasion: an earring in small coral it is able to embellish and give color to the face in a very discreet way. In this case they can be easily combined with more or less demanding necklaces.
A long and thin model of earrings is ideal with the most elegant looks: they are perfect with long evening dresses and gathered hairstyles that leave the neck bare, obviously also from necklaces.
A beautiful elaborate coral earring, on the other hand, is perfect with daytime looks with a more gypsy flavor. But not only that: they can be worn easily to play down otherwise more austere looks, as long as they are the only protagonists, therefore without wearing necklaces.

The rings

Even for the rings you have to follow a couple of basic rules: if you wear a dark and elegant dress you wear a single ring, important and large, which will represent the touch of color of the whole outfit - therefore pay attention to the maximum dose of earrings, necklaces and bracelets; in more casual looks, on the other hand, you can also wear more rings, but try to match the coral
ring with others with simple and essential lines

The coral bracelets

To choose the right coral bracelet you must, first of all, know your wrist and your physicality well: thin bracelets with charms are good for everyone, band or circle ones are ideal for wrists thin, while those with large meshes or otherwise more massive are good for large wrists.
That said, remember that the basic rule is that there is harmony with the other jewelry worn. For example: you can combine bracelets of all shapes and sizes with a sober and elegant dress, you can even dare making the bracelet the strong point of your outfit; in this case, then, pay close attention to the other jewels you decide to wear or, it would be better, not to wear.

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