How to Clean Coral

The jewels in coral are very nice to show off but to ensure that keep ​​their natural beauty we must take care of them carefully. Let's see how to do it together.

Coral over time, being in contact with the skin and being exposed to sunlight tends to become opaque.
​​To keep it as bright as it has just come out of the jewelry store, it must be kept away from sunlight and excessively high temperatures - the ideal location is inside a drawer, indoors.
Care must also be taken when wearing it, since sweat and acidity of the skin can already ruin it, not to mention the substances contained in cosmetics - perfumes, deodorants, creams and make-up - from which it should be kept away as much as possible.

Coral Cleaning at Home

What you can do at home to clean coral is very simple: immerse the coral jewel in a basin with water and a few drops of mild soap for about half an hour; then remove from the water and rub gently with a cloth or a cotton swab.

If the coral needs to be polished, it can be done at home by pouring a few drops of oil of olive on a soft cloth to pass on the jewel. In any case, polishing remains an operation for which only expert jewelers are really prepared, to whom we always recommend to contact for the most important care of coral jewels.

Even the coral needs some small periodic maintenance operations.
The first can also be done at home: to prevent the coral becomes opaque, twice a year it can be rubbed not too vigorously with a cotton cloth, perhaps soaked in liquid wax.

The second concerns necklaces: it is a good habit to change the thread inside the jewel every two or three years.

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