Coral jewelry

I coral jewelery are among the great protagonists of Italian jewelery and represent one of the most important artisan traditions of our country.
The use of coral for ornamental purposes is also testified by numerous works of art dating back to centuries and centuries ago, thanks to which we understand how much this precious material has always been appreciated.

​​Often it is talked about by associating it with all the other precious stones that are used in jewelry, but, in reality, it is not a stone, a mineral: coral is the result of the work of tiny polyps that live in the seabed , also of our Mediterranean.
Years ago coral was a very widespread precious material, but an uncontrolled fishing, or rather, an uncontrolled harvest caused a drastic decrease in its availability; then, pollution and climate change did the rest, so today coral harvesting is strictly controlled. All this makes this material even more precious, both in the red version from our seas and in the pink version from the seas of Japan.
In Italy, coral processing is a flagship among our manufacturing activities: the best master engravers in the world are for the most part in the area of ​​Torre del Greco, in Campania.

Like all jewels, even those in coral, need attention and care, indeed, perhaps even more given the very nature of coral.
The first piece of advice we want to give you is to entrust yours coral jewelry under the care of your trusted jeweler at least once a year for a thorough and artfully performed cleaning: exposure to the sun, pollution, contact with the skin, creams, perfumes and sweat they can make coral dull or even damage. The cotton thread that holds the coral jewelry together should also be replaced every year. The best time for these operations is autumn, immediately following the end of summer, when coral jewelry is worn a little less frequently.

To keep your coral jewelry always beautiful over time, we also want to give you a couple of maintenance tips that are up to you. First of all we tell you that to maintain the beauty and vitality of coral you must wear it as much as possible: coral is a "living" material and the more it is outdoors and not closed in a drawer, the better. Then, we advise you to be careful of all chemicals and aggressive substances, therefore, when you wear your coral jewelry, no bathing in the sea or in the pool, as salt and chlorine can damage it, equally no bath or shower at home due to the potential harmful action of soaps, and the same no cleaning with detergents wearing coral jewelry. Also pay attention to creams and perfumes: the perfume should only be sprayed before wearing the coral, never after, and if you use creams for the body and hands, wait until they are well absorbed before wearing your necklaces, your rings and yours. bracelets.

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