The coral horn

You must know that the coral horn , must be “Partenopeo” , as it is handcrafted by the coral masters of Torre del Greco, otherwise it is not charged with the protective force typical of the amulet.

The horn is used against negativity and the evil eye, in fact thanks to its pointed shape it is victorious against enemies, ally of luck and good omen; it must absolutely be of red color, but it can also be of pink coral, white and if you have more than one, strengthen the power of the croissants you have.

You must know that even in 3400 BC. something in the shape of a horn was used to affirm the presence of defense, protection and fertility, as in Greek mythology, when Zeus, the father of the gods, while riding his nurse he broke a horn, a young nymph Melissa took pity and cared for her the wound. Zeus to thank the nymph for taking care of the goat, took the broken horn, which was empty inside and filled it with flowers and fruit, giving it to Melissa and telling her that that miraculous horn would have sprouted out everything that its owner would have desired. This is the myth of the horn of plenty or Cornucopia, symbol of the fertility of the soil.

Or Toto 'who loved horns amulets and gave them and always carried with him for superstition and remove the negativities.

Nowadays many say "It's not true ... but I believe it" and wearing the horn, here comes something positive.

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