The Coral Collection

Have you ever wondered how the coral jewels that you love and fascinate you so much are born? Coral is an animal of the Anthozoan class that lives in the seabed and is literally "fished".


Let's find out together!

Coral fishing in Torre del Greco

In Torre del Greco coral fishing has very ancient origins and the first records date back to the fifteenth century. It seems that the coral fishermen of Torre del Greco were so good and famous that they moved all over the Mediterranean. Coral fishing was in fact the main activity of the city.


For centuries the tool used for coral fishing has been ingenuity , also known as "coral cross" . It was a St Andrew's cross in sturdy wood weighed down by stones. Bunches of old hemp nets were attached to the four arms of the cross, at various distances between them.

The wit was lowered into the water and dragged to the bottom, the nets got entangled in the corals and literally uprooted them. This type of fishing is obviously an invasive technique that over time we have tried to replace with a more sustainable one.

Coral fishing today

Over the centuries coral fishing has undergone numerous changes, thanks above all to the introduction of rules for more sustainable fishing. Ingenious fishing was banned in the 1980s in favor of selective and traceable fishing.

Coral fishermen have turned into professional divers and, finally, in January 2019 it is A law has been enacted regulating coral fishing at national level.

According to this law:

1. Coral fishing must be selective: fishing is allowed only to professional divers who dive with hammer and ice ax choosing the corals to fish;

2. A limited number of licenses are issued each year based on the season to encourage coral reproduction

3. Only colonies with minimum dimensions at the base not less than 7 mm can be collected, there is a tolerance margin of 10%;

4. Once the coral has been collected, the divers must report the geographical coordinates of the place of collection on the registers of the harbor master's office and on the sales invoice. In this way the coral is drawn

In this way coral fishing becomes a sustainable and environmentally friendly activity!

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