This is why to make a personalized gift

Your initials on cameo
To give a personalized object, it will be well studied and you will never find it in commercial stores, but it will be designed and created by artists with their ideas and their creativity, so they will never be trivial

Handamade objects may be similar but remember, never the same. So it will be a unique object.

The artisans try to combine their designer and style with a high quality object that lasts over time, therefore neither chinoiserie or other commercial objects, but something unique of its kind.

Each handmade jewel can be customized as you wish. So ask the jewelry designer what you want, then she will make the product on commission exactly as you want it, in the feasibility of the jewel itself. you can find it in a thousand shops, but you preferred to go and look for something as personal and unique as her.

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