Pearl necklace

If you own a pearl necklace you will surely know that pearls need care and attention.
​​Despite having a fairly resistant natural structure, pearls can still be damaged, even for the mere fact of being worn, by being in contact with our skin and therefore with the sebum or with the chemicals of the detergents and cosmetics we use.
This is why their cleaning is a fundamental operation to keep them beautiful and "healthy".

Here are our tips for cleaning thoroughly but, at the at the same time, in a delicate and respectful way, your pearl necklace .

First of all, how often should you clean it? For optimal maintenance, our advice is to carry out a very delicate cleaning after each wear, in order to eliminate any possible traces of sebum or chemicals. How? Gently rubbing the pearls of the necklace with a soft cloth dampened with water only.
Attention to the material of the cloth: it must be very soft, in cotton or bamboo fiber, or, even better, the special cloth for cleaning precious items, such as those used by jewelers. Never, absolutely, use toothbrushes or sponges that can have an abrasive effect on pearls.

But water alone, in the long run, is not enough for thorough cleaning. Then, every 5/6 times, carry out a more thorough wash with warm water and mild soap - the best would be the natural one without perfumes and dyes - always using the soft cloth: dip the cloth in soapy water, pass it on the pearls and then rinse them. by rubbing them with the cloth moistened in clean water.

If your necklace has a metal or metal and precious stone clasp you can clean it with a cotton swab soaked in a specific detergent for jewelry - depending on the material it is made of - being very careful not to let it come into contact with the pearls.