The Emerald

The emerald is defined as the stone of love, the heart stone : it represents, in fact, absolute love in the couple, made up of both passion and feeling, and devotion to the family.
For this reason the emerald is highly appreciated for engagement rings .
Besides having a great value, therefore, the emerald also has very deep and precious meanings.

The symbology , the myths and legends that revolve around the emerald are innumerable and belong, more or less, to all cultures, all ages.
In astrology, the emerald is linked to the element of Water and the sign of Cancer. The natural element Water, in turn, is linked to the emotional and feminine sphere, therefore to feelings such as love, empathy, intuition and reconciliation.

For Indians, the green color of the emerald represents everything that grows and in the Hindu religion the emerald is associated with Annapurna, goddess of food.
For the Egyptians the emerald is the symbol of eternal life: it was, in fact, placed on the neck of mummies .
The Greeks dedicated the emerald to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, for which it is said that it also has aphrodisiac qualities, and to Persephone, goddess of spring, while the Phoenicians associated it with Astarte, goddess of fertility, war and love.

For the Buddhist religion, the emerald is one of the seven treasures, wisdom, while in Christianity it is a symbol of Resurrection.

In chromotherapy the emerald balances the inner emotions, balancing the fourth chakra, that of the heart and purifies the aura of negative thoughts.

In the crystal therapy the emerald is a sort of panacea, capable of healing all ills : has beneficial effects on eye diseases and sight, heals lung problems, purifies liver and kidneys, improves memory, strengthens the immune and nervous system, thins blood and lymphatic circulation, decreases rheumatism, is a powerful antioxidant against aging, revitalizes all organs, especially the heart, improves the condition of the bones, especially the spinal column and muscles and helps in convalescence after infectious diseases.

Always according to crystal therapy the psychological effects of the emerald are also innumerable: it is able to calm and clear the mind, induces reflection, strengthens creative skills, promotes the feeling of love and friendship, inspires the desire for peace and harmony, helps to overcome the you problems and the difficulties of life, induces us to look to the future with optimism, strengthens the intellect, gives courage and a sense of justice, removes anxiety, insomnia and depression.