Clean the Amber Jewelry

All jewels require a little effort for their care and maintenance, including those in amber.

First of all we must observe some precautions for their correct conservation if we want that remain intact in their brightness. Therefore, we must avoid amber from sudden changes in temperature and extreme temperatures, both excessive heat and polar cold; even exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended, as well as direct contact with some chemicals that can ruin it, such as those contained in perfumes - it is recommended to spray them before wearing your jewelry - or those of detergents, so it's better to do cleaning and other domestic activities without wearing amber jewels.

When we don't want to wear our amber jewels we have to keep them away from light, preferably in a rigid container, but in contact with a soft padding, in velvet for example, and, possibly, alone, each on their own, in order to avoid bumps or contact with the materials of the other jewels that could scratch or break the amber.

As far as cleaning is concerned, we recommend a gentle cleaning of the amber jewels after each use, to be carried out with a soft cloth; in this way, by eliminating every time the traces of dirt caused by contact with our skin and dust in the air, there should be no need for more aggressive cleaning interventions for this delicate stone. But what if, instead, a deeper cleaning is needed? Unfortunately, we must say that amber cannot come into contact with any type of chemical substance, therefore with any detergent on the market. The advice is to use water only and soak the jewel in it for no more than 10 minutes, or, even better, simply rub it with a damp cloth.
If you think your amber jewel just needs to be polished, you can do it with a very small amount of olive or almond oil, to be gently rubbed with a soft cloth.