Meaning of the Gems

The engagement ring is one of the most important jewels that can be received in life: it is the ring with which the love of life asks us to marry him.
After him, only faith will be able to equal or exceed its symbolic value.

Given the great importance it has, the ring of engagement must be chosen with great care, taking into account some details, such as the material and the stone: which stone is more suitable for such an important gift? What shape? On which setting?
Well yes, this is not an obvious choice, especially as regards the meaning that stones have: the engagement ring requires a stone that symbolizes love, fidelity, devotion, passion, eternity.

Let's see which are the most suitable stones for engagement rings, from the most precious and rare to semi-precious, no less beautiful and interesting and full of positive and auspicious meanings.

• The diamond: is the king of precious stones; represents perfection, will, triumph, steadfastness and righteousness.

• Sapphire: with its fascinating blue color, is considered the stone of success, truth and wisdom.

• The ruby: is the stone of trust, of intelligence, it symbolizes descent and brings luck in love. sadness and represses lust.

• The emerald: symbolizes life and abundance, gives balance and patience, brings harmony and drives away negative forces.

• Turquoise: symbolizes friendship and brings success in love.

• Amethyst: is considered the stone of the spirit, carries positive energies and represents protection.

• Garnet: symbolizes constancy, therefore it represents the fidelity.

• Topaz: is a symbol of honesty and truth.

• Zircon: represents the growth el spiritual maturity, and is a symbol of wisdom.

• Aquamarine: is the stone that represents strength and audacity.

• The opal: is the stone that symbolizes hope.