Lucia cameo

Lucia cameo

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Product description
Cameo Lucia, represents a woman with a shell in her hand, with coral and real mother-of-pearl inserts, made by one of the best sculptors of Torre del Greco , complete with gold plated silver necklace and turquoise pearls.
Cameo size 55 mm, necklace size 50 mm.

Sardonic shell, real mother of pearl, 925% silver plated with gold, coral and turquoise.

Poetic meaning
Yugen line is a mysterious, almost magical line that cannot be described in words.
The word Yugen comes from Japanese and is what an individual or a work has of art with its emotions.
Its European literary and artistic equivalent is often considered symbolism. The symbols of this collection are exciting and refer to a rebirth of life, interpreted by 11 unique and exclusive copies of the first edition.

The meaning of Cameo Lucia: "Take your passion in hand and make it a success"