Observer cameo

Observer cameo

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Product description
Observer cameo, represents a woman half hidden behind a gem of St. Petersburg, made by one of the best sculptors of Torre del Greco, complete with silver necklace gold plated and green agate beads
Cameo size 55 mm, necklace size 50 mm.

Material Sardonic shell, St. Petersburg gems, 925% gold plated silver, green agate.

Poetic meaning
Yugen Line is a mysterious, almost magical line that cannot be described in words.
The word Yugen comes from Japanese and is what an individual or a work of art with his emotions.
His European literary and artistic equivalent is often considered symbolism. The symbols of this collection are exciting and refer to a rebirth of life, interpreted by 11 unique and exclusive copies of the first edition.

The meaning of the Observer Cameo: "Observe, meditate and in silence listen to your soul"