Collana con Cleopatra - Lucia Vitiello Gioielli di Napoli

Cleopatra necklace

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Necklace with Cleopatra engraved on a Sardonic cameo worked by the master craftsmen of Torre del Greco.

Did you know that , Cleopatra VII bears the illustrious name of the only legitimate sister of Alexander the Great. Her fame is harnessed in a stereotyped and firm idea: that of the unscrupulous seductress, of the oriental queen capable, with magical arts, of leading not one, but two well-known Romans away from the right path: Julius Caesar and Antonio. In fact, Cleopatra is the last great queen of Egypt, heir of the Ptolemaic dynasty; the only one able to skillfully keep the throne and kingdom for twenty years, despite the increasing and increasingly hostile pressures from Rome.

Pendant size approx. 50 mm
Chain size 925% silver approx. 45 cm

Sardonic cameo - 925% silver